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Love and Fury Interviews, Essays & Press

"Silva’s heartbreaking but inspiring work captures the despair and joy, convictions and contradictions of an extraordinary woman."

"Silva has done a miraculous job of presenting the reader with a life that contains multitudes, all while keeping intact the accomplishments for which Wollstonecraft is famous. Love and Fury is a flawless fictional retelling of a radical and unique life in

spectacular color."


"Silva succeeds in making Wollstonecraft — the critic, novelist, translator, trailblazing feminist and the mother of Mary Shelley, the author of “Frankenstein”

— a vibrant and forceful personality, full of both love

and fury."

"A heartbreaking novel of compassion and grace, as well as an elegy to one of the world’s most influential thinkers."



Mr. Dickens and His Carol Interviews, Essays & Press

"Her admiration for Dickens is obvious, and for readers who know Dickens’ story, her reimagining will not disappoint. In this exceptional work uncovering the grime and glitter of 19th-century London, readers will find another framework from which to examine their hearts before Christmas."

"It’s wildly moving, chock full of Dickensian atmosphere and written in a style as rich as a Victorian Christmas dinner."

"A whimsical novel that transports us to Dickens’ time. In the novel, Samantha re-imagines the twists and turns that led Dickens to write what has been described as “the second most famous Christmas story.” Her book is funny, clever, and touching, with a surprise ending that is a perfect Dickensian fit."

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